Heian Court Sports Stadium

These traditional sporting games will showcase the New Year of TOKYO2020, the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The Kemari (soccer) enjoyed by the Heian nobles, Umayumi (mounted archery) was to shoot a bow while riding on horseback, and Dakyu (similar to polo) an equestrian sport, and a court event Sumaino-sechie, which is a basis of today’s Sumo wrestling, will be introduced with the display of life-size costumes and equipment as well as a quarter-scale accurately replicated dioramas showing how each game was played.




Early Spring of Reiwa Era “Feast of Plum Blossoms”

The name of the new era Reiwa originates from a verse inside Manyoshu, a “Preface to 32 poems composed at a plum blossom party” in Volume 5. The exhibition of Early Spring of Reiwa Era “Feast of Plum Blossoms” is a full-scale diorama of the plum blossoms party, which was held at the residence of Otomo no Tabito, a government leader of the Dazaifu area. Also, replicas of korozen no goho (a traditional 9th-century style robe dyed in golden-brown) donned by Emperor Naruhito and junihitoe (12-layered garment) by the Empress Masako during the enthronement ceremony in October 2019, and model of the takamikura (canopied throne seat) of Emperor Higashiyama (Edo period) will be on display to celebrate the new era and the early spring of Reiwa.

Korozen no goho (front)

Korozen no goho (back)

Takamikura (Emperor Higashiyama with ladies of the court to hide the emperor’s face with fans)


Jan. 2 (Thu.) – 15 (Wed.), 2020 10:00 – 20:00

Until 17:00 on the 15th.

Lobby Gallery on the Glass Building Basement Floor 1
Free of charge